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Roof Cladding & Repairs Services

Roof Cladding & Repairs


Roof Cladding & Repairs Services

Roof Cladding

Cladding panels are offered in numerous shapes and sizes, as well as an assortment of materials.

On all our new builds we always use the correct cladding retardant materials which now all the manufactures: Kingspan, Alucabond, Eurobond, Tata and Trespa panels.

We at Steel Team Construction North West Ltd we work closely with the manufactures to provide our customers the best outcome.

General Repair

We are able to work on a range of materials to ensure that your roof cladding repair is water-tight, safe and secure. Effortlessly saving you money on maintenance fees right through the years.

To make sure it doesn’t look out of place, we will work closely to safeguard that the new panels meet your building design needs, we can match the cladding or we can get the panels pressed to suit your old panels using only manufacturer approved materials.

Roof sheet cladding faults appear at the worst times and become liabilities. If this happens to you, contact our team and we can diagnose the cause and set a full repair schedule. We then take the time to evaluate the guttering system and deliver a quote for any cut edge corrosion treatment costs. If the sheets are obsolete we have the facility to form them to your correct profile to suit your existing profiles.

Our sheet cladding replacements are only ever completed once our quotation has been accepted and an appropriate replacement date has been agreed.

Corrosion Repair

Corrosion normally starts as edge peel at the cut edges of a metal sheet. It occurs with the metal sheet cladding is cut to size, fitted and left untreated.  It develops through normal weathering, mainly on roofs and rapidly changes, especially at the sheet overlap as a result of duct held rainwater. Early discovery and treatment prevents costly future sheet replacement.

Coating Repair

Cladding has a limited lifecycle which means restoration will be necessary at some stage. We have a various amount of roof coating systems that can be applied to your roof depending on its current state and extent of damage.

We can spray all types of cladding including: Steel, Plasticol coated steel, Composite panels including mirco-rib and flat finishes, Cement sheet and Asbestos cement sheet