Steel Team Construction North West Ltd (england & europe)

Quality Assurance & Production


Our Quality Assurance Procedure

Steel Team Construction North West Ltd and IBSF Sri Lanka operate an in house quality assurance procedure backed up by ISO 9001 and CE legislation. 

The quality assurance is an essential feature through all of our operations. Each fabricated new project prior to be being released to a new client, has every component checked to ensure that the building we have fabricated meets with our approval under the CE Legislation and ISO 9001, for England and the rest of the world.

We ensure that the building is of a high commercial quality on completion of fabrication and we then are happy to erect the steel work. Once the project is complete and ready to be signed off by our client, we then produce all the certification under the CE  and ISO rulings. 

Then they are given to our client, so they have the necessary assurances that their structure is 100% in line with the regulations at all times.

Steel Team have been assessed and approved by Certified Quality Management Systems, on Standards and Guidelines to ISO 9001: Number: GB2005433.


All our new steel buildings, whether Industrial of Agricultural, are made at our Factory in China. All our fabrication and welding operatives are very experienced and highly qualified.

View our factory in the video below.